Born in 1992 in Moscow, Russia. Maria Ansh studied painting at Moscow Humanitarian-Technical Academy, Russia, graduating in 2015. Her works are about lyrical characters, life in the countryside and secluded places.

The countryside of Pavlovka in Russia has had a real influence on her artistic practice. The Russian landscape has become a symbol of freedom for her, and she continues to work on many storylines from her childhood. Currently, she finds inspiration in culture and life in the United States, planning to show an image of American life. 

The artist has illustrated two books by a Ukrainian poet, and her work has been collected by collectors from Russia. Interior designers have also used her paintings in their projects. In 2020, the TV channel “Culture” interviewed her at the exhibition “Labyrinths of naive”. 

Maria Ansh lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Moscow, Russia, 1992

Lives and works in Philadelphia, PA


2011-15 Moscow Humanities and Technology Academy
Faculty of Graphic Design

Solo exhibitions

2022 Time of Ghosts. Art-Studio Kitakima. Moscow, Russia
2021 Pocket Birdcatcher. Prima Gallery. Moscow, Russia 

Selected group exhibitions

2022 Retrospective. Mosstat. Moscow, Russia.
2022. Time of Comparisons. Artplay. Moscow, Russia
2021 Shooting stars. Here on Taganka Gallery. Moscow, Russia.
2021. Open Call Exhibition. New Sincerity gallery. Moscow, Russia
2020 The labyrinth of naive. Artplay. Moscow, Russia
2020 Kukryniksy. Here on Taganka Gallery. Moscow, Russia
2020. Merry-Go-Round. Here on Taganka Gallery. Moscow, Russia